GRACE Homeschool Support Group

Welcome to GRACE Homeschool Group's web site. We are a group of homeschoolers in Charlotte, NC who have joined together to encourage one another as we embark on the adventure of educating our children at home.

GRACE is made up of a diverse collection of personalities and homeschooling philosophies. Our purpose is to provide Group Resources and Christian Encouragement on both a personal level and through the use of social media and blogs. Personal level support is achieved through a variety of small group activities which provide opportunities for friendships to develop. Our blog is located at . You can also join us on and/or follow us on Twitter .

Group Resources And Christian Encouragement

G for Group

Group - Every member is a vital part of the group, enabling us to be a strong support to one another. By each member participating and sharing their gifts and talents with the group, we are able to offer a variety of activities and resources. These opportunities allow us to accomplish our purpose of support and encouragement.

R for Resources

Resources - GRACE offers activities such as presentation platform (public speaking for all ages), park days, field trips, youth activities, family fellowship, and annual testing (IOWA Test of Basic Skills), as well as a variety of other opportunities.

A for And

And - along with, in addition to...

C for Christian

Christian - Although we do not require the general membership of GRACE to sign a Statement of Faith or to participate in any Christian activities, our Board Members and Director are Christians. The decisions we make for the group as a whole are based on our beliefs and some of our activities include prayer and Bible Study.

E for Encouragement

Encouragement - Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another, just as you also are doing. ~ I Thes. 5:11